1. Nothing pithy to say…


  2. Red Light, in black and white, at night.


  3. The block is hot…


  4. It was always uncanny to me that a Chinese restaurant slipped its way into Amsterdam’s visage. Anyone wandering on Prins Hendrikkade east of Centraal Station has surely seen the lou on a barge that is the Sea Palace Chin Restuarant. What I’m wondering is, has anyone actually eaten there?


  5. Mother and daughter zoning experience at the Smoke Palace…


  6. De Nederlander Bestaat Niet, no. 3

    A portrait of Jorine Nelissen. Account manager and awesome individual. Amsterdam, by way of Apeldoorn.

    When you’re abroad, it means people think you have weed and they think you’re super fun and also they think you’re good at soccer.”


  7. De Nederlander Bestaat Niet, no. 2 

    A portrait of Aldert Mantje. Legendary Person and Painter, Amsterdam.

    Well, it means that have to go to the sectarian community called Coevorden, you pray to the lord, you do some shit and dress, like, proper.”


  8. The game is thick at the Zomercarnival


  9. Lyrics…


  10. Dancefloor deity; at Bird.