1. I was biking northbound up Damrak and via my peripheral eye and ear noticed two Japanese folks I would later learn were named Emi and Masakazu, rocking out out in front of the Beursplein. Although I was making a valiant attempt at arriving someplace early, my inner hipster wouldn’t let me pass the electro pop by. I cycled around, did the Molly Ringwald white girl kick, tipped the duo €2 and went on my way. Today, while playing tourist in Leidseplein, I ran into Masakazu and we exchanged cards. I found out that they are a real band known asThe Nobis. Evidently they left Tokyo after a nuclear power plant fallout in March of 2011. They have been on tour ever since. New York, DC, Baltimore, the T-Dot, Montreal, London and now Amsterdam. That’s how you hustle. The Nobis are dope. I’m imagining I will see them the next time I’m at OCCII

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